Cloud 9 System

ITC Cloud 9 System

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The ITC Cloud 9 System will leave you feeling like you are on Cloud 9!

Here’s what you get:

ITC Cloud 9 System
Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes Up To 5 Up To 5
Managed Storage Space Up To 250GB Up To 250GB
Automatic geographically dispersed backup included included
Email SPAM filtering Up To 5 Up To 5
PC Virus Scanning Up To 5 Up To 5
Hosted Web Site Included Included
Remote User PC Monitoring Up To 5 Up To 5
Patch Management (critical updates) Included Included
Desktop Support (Maintenance) $125 / hr Included
On-site and Project Labor (minimum charge applies) $100 / hr $100 / hr
After Hours Support (minimum charge applies) $200 / hr $200 / hr
Quarterly In-House Training (up to 2 hours) $300 Included
Yearly Business Technology Roadmap $795 Included
Monthly Investment for up to Five Users
$249 / month
$498 / month

A three-hour minimum will be charged for all on-site service calls

Our ITC Cloud 9 System Premium Service includes ourĀ proactive supportĀ for your desktop or laptop computers at no extra charge.

What you will not get (or need any more):

  • No expensive server (that huge depreciating asset every three years)
  • No Server Maintenance Expenses
  • No huge, surprise IT expenses
  • No more major hardware refresh cycle (every three years)

We are simply offering you a solution that works. No more headaches, no more major expenses, no more worries.

You will no longer have to worry about:

  • Microsoft Exchange maintenance and availability
  • A backup and disaster recovery solution
  • How to pay for the next replacement server
  • How to pay for the latest and greatest server software
  • How to access your email and data if you cannot get to your office

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