You need a backup plan

Your hard drive is still a moving part in most systems. Moving parts eventually fail.

So, we told you about the shelf life of your desktop and server computers (about three to four years) and showed you the failed capacitors to prove it.

For those of you that have been anxiously awaiting the newest installment in our series, without further ado… let’s talk about hard drives.

The hard drive in your computer is a 2.5 inch wide or a 3.5 inch wide box that contains a stack of spinning metal platters. Have a look:


This box of spinning platters holds the really important, valuable portion of your computer – your data (files)! When this computer component fails (and it has an advertised MTBF – mean time before failure) the data that it contains, the operating system, and the programs will no longer exist. Well, they probably still exist but they will now require a data recovery company to retrieve them for you.

If you have never experienced this, might we suggest either a good backup program or taking a look at our ITC Cloud 9 System. If you are looking at this screen:


then your hard drive has reached the end of the line. You may see any number of errors similar to this one. The screen generally will say something about an inaccessible boot device or you may see a blue screen stop error indicating that Windows has shut down.

If you are at this unfortunate stage, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get your important files back for you.

In any event please realize that, like the capacitors inside your system, the hard drive will eventually die.


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